Barefoot isles


Meet my daughter Sonya. 

She is walking barefoot along the Barefoot Isle...

Keep your feet wild!  

The central elements of Barefoot Isles are sculptural gypseous miniatures. If these relief rugs are spread out on the floor in a room, they become like small islands with a pebble beach in the middle of the sea. My family, friends and customers place the isles on their way and walk on the "pebble" surface barefoot like the inhabitants of wild tropical islands :) That's why all the art rugs I made are called Barefoot Isles. The relief surface of a special shape with an expressed level difference is also healthy for all family members: children, parents and grandparents. You've probably heard that the barefoot primitive islanders have healthy legs and their bodies are nimble. Here are some conclusions of scientists on this matter.

Sincerely Yours, Tina Shan

Dance beetles

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Map of Barefoot Islets 

Look at Barefoot Isles as a great way to enhance the decor of your home. The Isles can be the centerpiece of your room or you can use them to compliment the rest of the home decor.  Pick the Isles that best fit your personality and design tastes: