Barefoot isles


 My name is Tina. As long as I can remember, I have always been engaged in some creative activity in its different manifestations, whether it was music, painting or hand-made objects. This was very helpful as I was working with children and teenagers. In general, I devoted them more than ten years of my life. After all, it feels great to change the world, by making it more interesting, beautiful and healthy for yourself and for the others. As well as to bring joy to the people! 

One more spin of creative ideas and their subsequent implementation was caused by the birth of my daughter. This part of my life triggered implementation of new colorful and useful ideas as for health and décor. And I decided to share its positive results with a larger number of people. This is what I am doing now together with my project associates. Judging by the responses that our works get, we are on the right track!Let's together change the world for the better, starting from ourselves, the health of our loved ones, and our living space!


Barefoot Islands are the product of many months of designing, experimentation, and testing withmolding, painting, varnishing, and walking. They are the resultof constant concern to give my family, friends, andcustomers the best version of creativity and originality. 

Lead Time: Due to fluctuating numbers of custom orders, lead time varies between 1-3 weeks, please contact me to find out when the next available spot is on the calendar. 

If you want to order a custom painted Barefoot Islands or you have any question regarding the Barefoot Isles, the shipping or any other inquiry please fill in the details and I will answer you within 24 hours.