Barefoot isles


The Dale of Dreems

Once I asked myself: Is it possible to combine in one item of home decor an ancient tradition, modern biomechanical researches and original aesthetics? 

For about two years the Barefoot Isles are the new standard of the surface for walking in my house. My family walk on the relief surface of the Isles barefoot (or in socks). After a while, the isles began to appear in the homes of my friends and first buyers from USA, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland.

In order that you could view in detail the work of the sculptor, tap the photos below, wait 2-3 sec and then spread your fingers apart on the screen to enlarge.

The first component of the idea:  Art at your feet 

The central elements of the Isles are sculptural gypseous miniatures of coffee beans. They are the result of many months of designing, experimentation and testing with molding, painting, varnishing, walking, constantly thinking about giving my family, friends, customers the best version of creativity and originality. Each miniature on the Isle is painted by hand and covered with non toxic waterborne finish.  

The surface of the "coffee beans" is smooth.  Its multilayered base gives comfort, making the Islet feel a touch softer.  

Floor decorating tips

The Isles can be the centerpiece of your room or you can use them to compliment the rest of the home decor. You can group any number of the isles to create an incredible walking area. The Isles can be adapted for hanging on a wall.

The size of the isle: 68 x 46 cm. Weight: 3.5 kg. Materials: natural burlap or linen fabric, gypsum, non toxic paints, non toxic waterborne finish. 

They are without caffeine, but with a tonic effect;)

The second component of the idea: Health benefits

It is important to note that walking barefoot on "coffee beans" is not just a massage-toning sensation. The relief surface of a special shape with an expressed level difference is healthy for all family members: children, parents and grandparents. The idea may seem strange to some people. In fact, in Chinese culture, people have been walking barefoot on cobblestone paths for generations. Now the cobblestone pathways are created in the parks of many countries of the world. In the photo above you can see the modern cobblestone pathway in Redmond, Washington. This ancient tradition has recently been scientifically validated. If you analyze the facts below, you will realize that the modern culture of urban walking requires revision, just as it happened recently with previously common habbits of excessive consumption of fatty fried foods, sweets, flour products, etc.

Please, feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Walk at home as nature intended!