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Happy Fishes. 3D Bathroom/Kichen Miniatures

3D Fishes - original hand-painted miniatures. Made of gipsum. They are great for indoor use on walls, tiles, glass, on furniture. Use this set of fishes to create an oceanic theme in a bathroom or transform a child's room into an undersea world. 

Size: 2"x2,4"x0,8" (5x6x2 cm). 

HOW TO APPLY:1. Clean the area thoroughly (clean tiles, glass and metal with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Do not use products that leave a residue behind, because it can prevent the decal from adhering well).2. Carefully peel the sticker off of the backing.3. Slowly place it on the prepared surface.

 I'm happy to work with you so that I create a piece you'll love!