Barefoot isles


Isles of Coffee Beans

The first component of the idea:
Art at your feet
Bronze Coffee Beans
Bronze Coffee Beans
Tap the photos, wait 2-3 sec and then spread your fingers apart on the screen to enlarge
Black Coffee Beans
Black Coffee Beans
Red Wine
Red Wine
The central elements of the Isles are sculptural gypseous miniatures of coffee beans. The Coffee Isle is the result of many months of designing, experimentation and testing with molding, painting, varnishing, walking, constantly thinking about giving my family, friends, customers the best version of creativity and originality. Each miniature on the Isle is painted by hand and covered with non toxic finish. Each one is unique. The surface of the "coffee beans" is smooth. The Isles can be adapted for hanging on a wall.
Coffee Isles can be customized per request (e.g. change the ratio of elements, shades, shape etc)
The second component of the idea:
Keep your feet wild!
The "smart house" — where everything from your multimedia and security systems to your heat and water can be controlled through your smartphone — is giving way to a new revolution in home technology: The health-centric home. Over 90% Of Our Lives Are Spent Indoors. Indoor environments can influence almost every aspect of our lives, from our moods and energy levels to how well we sleep and how productive we are throughout the day. Modern life has had an increasingly negative impact on our overall well-being, with sedentary behavior, unhealthy diets, pollution and nature-deprivation leading to health complications, social isolation, loneliness and stress. By enhancing the quality of our indoor elements, we can transform our built environments into vehicles for health and well-being. One of these elements can be Isles of Coffee Beans.
Coffee isles as well as the coffee drink have beneficial properties. Going barefoot on "coffee beans" isn’t just tonic sensations. The relief surface of a special shape with an expressed level difference is real foot-friendly and healthy. Read the findings of the researchers on natural foot biomechanics in the article "Why do modern people need a new standard of a walking surface at home?"

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