Barefoot isles


Her Majesty Naturalness

Friends, how often did you come across a fabric that retained a natural plant odor after the industrial production process?

It is preserved due to the minimum factory processing in compare with other types of linen fabrics, and indicates the maximum possible natural properties. Cotton fabric lags behind of a number of characteristics.

After reading the scientific articles and thesis, I share with you the theses that convinced me:

Studies have shown that flax contains almost no pesticides, since they are a little used to grow this crop. But in the bulk of cotton there are a lot of pesticides and toxic chemicals, since they are widely used in its cultivation.

Одобрено улитками. ЭкоТест льняного полотна здесь

The flax fibers ability to inhibits the activity of the pathogenic microflora was established - flax fabric significantly retarded the growth and reproduction of staphylococcus, steptococcus, fungal colonies and had more pronounced microbial sorption compared to cotton fabric.

Linen fabrics create a microclimate of superior comfort for a person in the premises, reducing the intensity of the fields of static electricity and absorbing "soft" ionizing radiation. Static electricity adversely affects the human body. This effect is realized not only through direct contact with the charge, but also under the action of an electric field arising around charged surfaces. Its systematic effect on a person causes a spasm of blood vessels, which can cause an increase in blood pressure; excessive emotionality and irritability; headaches; disturbances of appetite and sleep. Electrization sources also include floors, rugs and tracks made of synthetic materials, shoes on the sole of materials with high resistance, clothing made of synthetic materials, etc. According to researches of the employee TsNIILKA AG Sevostyanov, the surface resistance of the smallest of linen fabrics. Taking into account these properties, linen cloth attracts less dust and therefore requires less washing.

Choosing a canvas for covers of the Lonko barefoot islands, I also drew attention to the large weaving of the yarns and the rough, but soft structure of the flax fibers. This is what you need for home use: it allows you to massage the feet skin, enhances the blood microcirculation and the proprioceptic work .