Barefoot isles


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Inspired by nature and science.


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Healthy art at your feet 

The central elements of the Barefoot Isles are sculptural gypseous miniatures of a special shape with an expressed level difference. My family, friends and customers walk on these mats barefoot like the inhabitants of wild tropical islands :). And, if these rugs are spread out on the floor in a room, they become like islands with a hilly landscape in the middle of the sea. That's why the rugs are called Barefoot Isles.  

The hilly landscape of the isles plays not only a decorative, but also an important healing role. About fitness benefits of "isles" for all family members: children, their parents and grandparents, find out here. Here is a short video of walking on the rug islands. On this video you can see how the toes "work". 

The isles can be the centerpiece of your room or you can use them to compliment the rest of the home decor. Pick Barefoot Isles that best suit your personality and design tastes or order a custom design: 

The floor islands can be ordered in two sizes: large and small. The size of the large island: 85 x 47 cm ~ 33 15/32 x 18 1/2 in; the size of the small island: 47x47 cm ~ 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 in. Weight: 3.3 kg ~ 7.3 lb or 1.7 kg ~ 3.8 lb. Materials: natural jute fabric, gypsum, non toxic paints, non toxic waterborne finish. You can group any number of large and small islands to create an incredible walking area. The islands also are adapted for hanging on a wall.

Walk at home as nature intended!